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Hi and welcome to WAXA IT.

A freelance-managed IT business based in Japan.

We are a freelance business based in Japan. We provide managed IT services, including web design and development, logo design, graphic design, web hosting, server management, IT-related consultancy, and other IT-based services.
Our services target both business and people. They are for those who wish for easy-to-use, faster-delivered services, great and friendly support. Besides that, for clients who wish to cut their expenditures paid for companies. Alternatively, they can hire us, hire WAXA IT freelance business, and benefit from high quality and professional services. We apply modern technologies for hardware, web, and software, making clients feel the experience of the advances of a company-like business.
We are a small team, but an efficient and productive one. We speak English, Japanese, Chinese, and Arabic. We welcome clients not just from Japan but also worldwide. Please feel free to explore our services and contact us whenever you have a question or inquiry at . Thank you for visiting WAXA IT, and we look forward to working together for your next project!